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GTA 5 Mod Turns Your Character Into Iron Man

A new mod for Grand Theft Auto V turns your character into Iron Man, complete with the iconic armor and the superhero’s arsenal of high-powered weaponry.

GTA 5 fan JulioNIB created the mod, which overhauls the game’s HUD in addition to adding armor and weapons. It’s a very impressive mod; the armor looks great and the animations seem to be both accurate and fluid. You can check out a video of the mod in action below.

This mod clearly gives you massive destructive power. It makes your character a functional superhero, able to take on an army of police officers and vehicles alone. Iron Man’s arsenal of repulsor beams, missiles, and extremely powerful punches are usable in the mod, as well, letting you wreak havoc in Los Santos. My favorite moment in the video is when the modder flies into the sky, then shoulder-charges straight through a helicopter.

But even if you don’t want to destroy everything in sight, the mod lets you soar around using Iron Man’s hand and foot rocket boosts. The mod is still in development and isn’t yet available for download, but it’s shaping up to be a pretty awesome change to the GTA formula.

GTA 5 modders have changed the game in other cool ways recently. For example, one user is turning GTA 5 into an RPG, complete with skill trees and loot. Another added a grappling hook to the game. You can also watch GameSpot play with a whole bunch of different mods here.

Augmented Reality Could Be a Huge Technological Revolution, Epic Games Founder Says

Most of the buzz in the gaming industry is about virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift or Sony’s Project Morpheus, but some companies are expanding into augmented reality. Microsoft, for example, is making an AR headset called the Hololens that’ll be used by doctors and astronauts in addition to games. Founder of Epic Games Tim Sweeney believes that it’ll be AR, and not VR, that will dramatically change our lifestyles.

In a presentation at the Chinajoy trade show which took place this week in Shanghai (reported by VentureBeat), Sweeney discussed how AR might come to affect many different parts of our lives. His basis for this belief comes from the nature of AR headsets, which let users move freely while still presenting information to them. “I believe that augmented reality will be the biggest technological revolution that happens in our lifetimes,” he said. “Once you have an augmented reality display, you don’t need any other form of display. Your smart phone does not need a screen. You don’t need a tablet. You don’t need a TV. You just take the screen with you on your glasses wherever you go.”

Sweeney went on to argue that AR will come to dominate the technological landscape because of its mobility and potential applications. “With AR, you have a large field of view,” he explained. “Combined with [the] convenience of mobile, and the display is with you everywhere you go and you don’t need anything else. Augmented reality will drive all things like chat, social networking, photos, videos, organizing data, modeling, painting, motion capture, and visual programming.”

At E3 in June, we were able to go hands-on with Microsoft’s Hololens headset, and we were impressed. Microsoft showed off a demo of an AR Halo experience, and it shared some more information and videos about Minecraft for Hololens. However, the headset is limited: recently, a video showed Hololens’ field of view, which is currently very small.

GS News Top 5 – Fallout 4 is "Basically Done," and Mafia III was Officially Announced

Square Enix announced games for Nintendo’s next console, the NX; Pre-ordering WWE 2K16 lets you play as the Terminator, and you can play Batman: Arkham Knight as Alfred. Be the Butler!

Tearaway PS4’s Second-Screen Functionality Explained

Tearaway Unfolded, the PlayStation 4 port of Media Molecule’s Vita game from 2013, will have significant second-screen functionality when it launches this fall. Today, the developer explained what this functionality will entail.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, community manager Jenny Lawrence discussed the game’s companion app. Most notably, it will let players interact with the game’s creative features on their mobile devices. In the game’s original Vita version, players made designs using the handheld’s touchscreen. Because of the limitations of the PS4’s controller, these features are now usable on mobile devices.

In addition, this companion app effectively lets the PS4 version have the same camera functionality as the Vita version. On the Vita, the game used the handheld’s cameras to let you import photos into the game to be used as patterns. The companion app lets players do the same thing using mobile devices. The game also has optional PS4 camera support that provides the same functionality.

The companion app also communicates with the game in real time, so if you customize your character in the app, the changes will immediately appear in the game. This also means that you can send objects into the game’s world from the app. Lawrence wrote that this lets the game essentially have an element of asynchronous multiplayer–one person could play the game itself, and one person could add different items to the game from the app.

Interestingly, if you have a Vita, you can use the handheld as the second screen. Entering into the PS4 second-screen mode on the Vita while Tearaway Unfolded is running will let you use the companion app from the Vita.

Tearaway Unfolded launches September 8 on PS4. For more on the game, you can read our preview here. We found that the game makes great use of the PS4’s controller.

PS4 Owners Can Vote for Future Free PS Plus Games, Sony Confirms

Following the apparent leak of a new initiative that will allow fans to vote on games they want to see released for free through PlayStation Plus, Sony has officially announced the Vote to Play program.

While some of the details on how this will work are still to be announced, Sony did confirm the basics on the PlayStation Blog today. Plus members can cast a vote for one of several PlayStation 4 games to be included in the coming month’s Instant Game Collection. The top game will be released for free, and–at least for the first month’s vote–the games that don’t win will be sold at a discount.


Sony hasn’t yet said how or when you’ll be able to vote, nor did it announce which games will be included. As August’s free Plus games have already been announced, September looks as if it’ll be the first month where fans get to vote.

The leak listed Zombie Vikings, Armello, and Grow Home (which had yet to be officially confirmed for consoles) as the games to choose from. However, as the NeoGAF member who discovered this is located in the UK, the included games could end up being different in the United States.

July’s free Plus games, which include Rocket League, are available for a few more days.

Players Take to the Sea in Don’t Starve’s Shipwrecked Expansion

Don’t Starve, the acclaimed roguelike that first launched in April 2013, is getting a new expansion called Shipwrecked, and it’s being co-developed by Super Time Force studio Capy Games.

Don’t Starve developer Klei announced the expansion today, which will take place partly on the ocean. This is the first time that players will be able to leave the game’s landmass and journey onto the water. In the base game, the sea acts as a map boundary.

The expansion will also include new “characters, biomes, creatures, and seasonal effects.” Klei hasn’t said much else about Shipwrecked yet, although presumably it will involve some sort of disaster involving a ship, considering its name.

Capy Games, best known for Super Time Force and Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery, is assisting in development on the game. Although the developer’s exact role is unclear at this time, Klei told GameSpot that Capy will help on the design and development of the expansion. Capy is also currently working on Below for Xbox One and PC.

Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked will be released on PC this fall. There’s no word yet on a console version of Shipwrecked, but Don’t Starve’s last expansion, Reign of Giants, launched first on PC then came to consoles later. Recently, Don’t Starve launched on Xbox One, marking the first time the game has been playable on an Xbox console. The game is also available on PC, Wii U, PlayStation 4, Vita, and iPad.

PS4/PS3’s Amplitude Delayed Again, But Song List Almost Doubles

Harmonix’s crowdfunded revival of Amplitude for PS4 and PS3 has been delayed once again, and now will not be out until early next year for most fans.

The delay was announced today in a new Kickstarter update. “We’ve decided to double down, increase the project budget, and make the new Amplitude bigger and better than the scope of game we originally pitched to you all last year,” said Harmonix’s Alex Rigopulos in the post.

More specifically, online leaderboards, two new environments, and new game modes are being added. There’s now a solo campaign, solo free play, free-for-all (for 2-4 players), and team play (1v3 or 2v2) modes. Also, the original estimate of around 16 songs has been increased to 30, and those who backed the Kickstarter at a high-enough tier will receive an extra song.

Due to the increase in scope, however, it’s going to take more time to finish the game. Amplitude had been expected out this summer after being delayed past its original March release target; now, it’s not due out until early next year. Backers who are eligible to receive early access will get to play the PS4 version in December, “prior to the holiday break,” while everyone else will get it in January. The PS3 version “will follow shortly behind.” Specific dates for all of this will be shared in the future.

“We know that this schedule slip will be a disappointment to many of you. (Frankly, it’s disappointing to us as well, as we’re all dying to play the finished game…),” Rigopulos said. “However, our judgment was that our highest priority is to deliver the best game we possibly can to our fans–the definitive version of Amplitude. We want to over-deliver for our biggest supporters, and that’s simply going to require some extra time.”

Unfortunately, the added development time won’t result in the inclusion of a standard online multiplayer mode. This was set to be added if Kickstarter funding reached $1.125 million, but crowdfunding ended up at $844,127. Rigopulos said that including the feature is “impossible within our budget means for this game, even with the expanded budget. However, our hope is that this release of Amplitude will be successful enough to justify a sequel or feature expansion pack that could include this. In the meantime, the newly added leaderboard system will enable plenty of heated asynchronous online competition!”

For more on Amplitude, check out our hands-on impressions from E3 last month.

Super Smash Bros. Patch Adds New Stages, Tourneys, and YouTube Uploads

A new patch and new downloadable content are now available for the latest iteration of Super Smash Bros.

The 1.1.0 patch is available on both platforms and adds a new KK Slider Mii costume. It also delivers two new features for the Wii U version that Nintendo first revealed last month. Replays can now be uploaded directly to YouTube from within the game, while Tournament mode allows for players to create and participate in online tournaments.

Alongside these features is a slate of downloadable content for both the Wii U and 3DS versions. A variety of new Mii outfits are now available for $.75 each, or $1.15 if you want the Wii U and 3DS versions. A bundle with all of these is available for $6 per system, or $9 for a Wii U/3DS version bundle.

A full list of costumes follows below, courtesy of Nintendo:

Hoodie: A hoodie printed with the SSB logo. For use with all Mii Fighter types!

  • Bear Suit Set: A Super Smash Bros. exclusive costume for Mii Fighters. We know, we know–the wait has been unbearable.
  • King K. Rool Set: Has your Mii Fighter always dreamed of being king of the Kremlings? Now your Mii Fighters can realize their true destiny with this King K. Rool costume!
  • Flying Man Set: Give your Mii this eye-catching red and yellow outfit straight from the EarthBound series! The only ones in grave danger now are your opponents!
  • Chrom Set: Don the mantle of Ylissean royalty with this outfit from Fire Emblem Awakening. Arm yourself with the divine Falchion, and become a force to be reckoned with!
  • Black Knight Set: This outfit for Mii Swordfighters comes with a black helm and an equally black suit of armor. It’s perfect for when you don’t think your Mii looks intimidating enough.
  • Lloyd Set: Tales of Symphonia comes to Smash–now you can kit out your Mii in the style of Lloyd Irving! (You’ll have to find your own Exsphere.)
  • Samus’s Armor: We’re not saying anybody can be a galactic bounty hunter, but your Mii will definitely feel like one with Samus’s distinctive armor (and helmet if you haven’t unlocked it yet)!

There are also two new, slightly updated versions of stages from the original N64 Smash Bros. game: Peach’s Castle and Hyrule Castle. There each cost $2, or you can get them on both platforms for $3 each. Alternatively, you can buy a bundle with all of this new DLC–costumes and levels–for $10 per platform, or $15 for a combo pack.

This patch also introduces a variety of tweaks to the game’s roster. Fans at the Smashboards forums have been compiling a list of these changes, which include adjustments to knockback angles, damage, and more.

Super Smash Bros. added several new characters in June, with Fire Emblem’s Roy, Mother 3’s Lucas, and Street Fighter’s Ryu all being released as DLC.

Today’s Rocket League Patch Detailed; Punishes Online Quitters

Rocket League‘s first major patch is now available, and Psyonix has provided the full notes on everything it does.

The 186 MB update brings the game to version 1.03 and is primarily focused on fixing various nagging issues, though it offers some new features, too.

Perhaps most importantly, quitters in online ranked matches are being punished. The first player to leave a ranked match will now be banned from matchmaking for 15 minutes. It’s not a huge penalty, but it should help to dissuade some players from dropping out of a match.

This is key because ranked matches, unlike standard matches, don’t place an AI in a quitter’s place (or allow for a new player to take his or her place). That leaves the remaining players in an untenable position, and typically results in either those people quitting or the remainder of the match being lopsided. A future update will include a forfeit button, Psyonix said on Twitter today.

The patch also now allows for quick chat to be used across PC and PS4; previously, these commands (which include compliments and things like “Thanks” or “I got it”) could only be used to communicate with people on the same platform as you.

Another small, but appreciated addition is new functionality for two vehicle toppers. The Propellerhead’s blade now rotates, as does the Cherry Top’s light.

You can check out the full patch notes below. Another free update is coming soon alongside the game’s first DLC; it’ll introduce a spectator mode, a new arena, new flags, a 3v3 ranked playlist, and customization options intended as an apology for the game’s server issues.

Rocket League v1.03 patch notes:

The Headlines

  • “Quick Chat” commands can now be used cross-platform between PC and PS4
  • Stat tracking for online games is now properly recorded for its correlating Garage items
  • AI Bot skill levels now adjust to the average skill level of all players currently in the game
  • The first player to abandon a “Ranked” match is now banned from matchmaking for 15 minutes
  • (PS4) “Far, Far Away” Trophy can now be unlocked via online play
  • (Steam) “Virtuoso” Achievement is now obtainable and includes appropriate description
  • Fixed multiple crash scenarios

New Features


  • “Quick Chat” commands can now be used cross-platform between PC and PS4


  • Topper: “Cherry Top” now includes a working, rotating light
  • Topper: “Propellerhead” now includes a working, rotating blade

Online Play

  • AI Bot skill levels now adjust to the average skill level of all players currently in the game
  • The first player to abandon a “Ranked” match is now banned from matchmaking for 15 minutes


  • (Steam) Added “Mouse Sensitivity” setting to the “Options” menu
  • (Steam) Added support for more resolutions

Changes and Updates


  • “Freeplay” now grants truly unlimited “Rocket Boost”


  • Stats: Player’s “Win/Loss Ratio” is now displayed as a “Win %”

Bug Fixes


  • (PS4) Sweet Tooth now properly unlocks when completing a game with all 10 of the other Battle-Cars
  • (PS4) Multiple visual optimizations
  • Reduced, but did not eliminate, instances of the “Invisible Car” bug
  • Fixed multiple crash scenarios

Garage Items

  • Antennas
    • Country Flags: Congo is now appropriately-named
    • Country Flags: Mexico is no longer reversed
    • Country Flags: Northern Ireland is now correct
    • Country Flags: United States now shows all 50 stars

Trophies and Achievements

  • (Steam) “Virtuoso” Achievement is now obtainable and includes appropriate description
  • (PS4) “Far, Far Away” Trophy can now be unlocked via online play


  • Stat tracking for online games is now properly reflected for their correlating Garage items
  • Blog and Scrolling Ticker now work as intended and will not errantly show “Offline” messages
  • “PsyNet” icons for cross-platform players will now display properly
  • Main Menu Player Avatars will no longer disappear between matches
  • Player names are now displayed correctly during “Replays”


  • French, German, Italian, and Spanish-language corrections and improvements

GTA 5 Becomes an RPG With This New Mod

Grand Theft Auto V is a huge, sprawling, entertaining action game, but it does not have very many RPG elements. One modder has decided to change that, and is creating a mod that turns GTA V into a role-playing game.

User LogicSpawn is working the mod, which is called GTA V: RPG, and the modder’s adding skill trees, looting systems, and a whole bunch of other tweaks to the game. This includes a system of relationships with characters in the game. You’ll be able to talk to and befriend NPCs, who can affect the way the game plays out. You can watch the trailer for the mod below (warning: some strong language).

LogicSpawn has also dramatically overhauled GTA V’s skills. In the normal game, you build up better driving, flying, or shooting abilities simply by playing the game. You don’t have any choice over what skills you have. LogicSpawn is adding a full ability tree, complete with different skills for your character and your vehicles.

The modder is working on making this mod compatible with traditional GTA V so that you can play through the normal story mode with all of the mod’s changes and features.

I immediately appreciated LogicSpawn’s addition of XP and loot pop-ups in the HUD. It’s nice seeing more clearly when you’re increasing levels and picking up ammo or money.

GTA V: RPG is available now to download from the modder’s website. As always, be cautious downloading, as other mods have been reported as containing malware.

It’s the latest in an increasing number of awesome mods, including a mod that lets you drive around the car from the Knight Rider TV series. The original game was pretty good, too–you can read our review of normal GTA V, which GameSpot critic Carolyn Petit thought was terrific.