Driver studio hit by layoffs – Report

Nearly 12 may be let go as Ubisoft Reflections reorganizes post-Driver: San Francisco delay.


Earlier this month, Ubisoft announced that it was delaying Driver: San Francisco, the latest installment in the long-running driving-action series. Now, it appears that there have been layoffs at the studio behind the game, Ubisoft Reflections.

Up to 19 Ubisoft Reflections staffers may be hitting the road.

According to a Develop magazine report, Ubisoft has confirmed that as many as a dozen studio members may be let go as a result of a reorganization. Sources inside the studio say the number of jobs in jeopardy may be as high as 19, and that management is still mulling where to make the cuts. Ubisoft acquired Reflections in 2006 when it purchased the Driver franchise from Atari.

Driver: San Francisco will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii, and Mac sometime during Ubisoft’s next fiscal year, which begins on April 1, 2011. It will also be a throwback to previous installments in the franchise, featuring a matchup between original protagonist John Tanner and Driver 2 antagonist Charles Jericho. Plot-wise, Tanner, a hard-boiled detective behind the wheel of a 1970s-era Shelby GT500, is on the hunt for Jericho, and the two engage in vehicular duels on the streets of the titular hilly California city.

As detailed in Ubisoft’s press conference, the game will include more than 100 licensed vehicles, all of which are subject to damage. The game will also feature a supernatural element, as Tanner is apparently pursuing his mark from the confines of a coma. Tanner’s situation impacts gameplay, as players will be able to pause time to hop to a new vehicle on the fly, as well as take a bird’s-eye view of the city to jump to various locations.

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