Battlefield studio seeking anti-cheat security expert

Swedish developer DICE hiring security expert to help company “secure the online experience” of its games.


Battlefield developer DICE is taking up arms against cheating in its games. The studio has created a new position dedicated entirely to implementing and managing anti-cheat measures for its present and future titles.

Cheaters, beware. DICE is hunting you.

Cheaters, beware. DICE is hunting you.

The company is now seeking an anti-cheat administrator to join the company at its office in Stockholm, Sweden. According to the requisition description, the person chosen for the job will work to “secure the online experience” for DICE games.

Additionally, this person will be tasked with keeping track of player behavior data in DICE’s titles in an effort to keep its game’s leaderboards “filled with fair play.”

DICE has publicly expressed contempt for cheaters within its games before. Earlier this month the developer said it was ramping up its anti-cheat measures within Battlefield 3, encouraging players to report any instances of misconduct they encounter.

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