Vita system update coming tomorrow, expands PS4 connectivity

In addition to this week’s big PlayStation 4 system update, the PlayStation Vita and the mobile PlayStation App are also getting updates.

The Vita 3.15 system update is scheduled for release at roughly the same time as the PS4 1.70 update tomorrow, April 30. It’s much less feature-heavy than its PS4 counterpart and focuses on connectivity with the PS4. Automatic Device Registration is introduced, allowing the two systems to be automatically paired so long as they are both online and the same user is signed in on both of them. According to Sony, this will make it easier to take advantage of PS4 Remote Play on Vita, as well as other Vita-PS4 features.

Last month, the 3.10 Vita system update was released, adding a new calendar app, support for more software icons on the home screen, and the ability to record voice messages.

The PlayStation App update, said to be coming during the “launch window” of the PS4 and Vita updates, is already out on iOS. It enables push notifications, allows PSN profile pictures to be changed using photos stored on the phone or tablet (here’s hoping that doesn’t result in a sea of inappropriate profile pictures), and allows friend requests to be sent via email or text message.

The full list of changes, courtesy of the iOS App Store:

  • Notification alerts are now supported.
  • Thumbnails are now displayed for screenshots and video clips that are posted to Twitter or Facebook as activities.
  • Resolutions for iPad 2 and iPad mini are now supported.
  • Pictures you take on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch can now be set as your profile picture.
  • You can now send a PSN friend request to your friend using email or text.
  • Stability during use of some features has been improved.

The previously announced 1.70 PS4 firmware update will be out tomorrow; it allows for HDCP to be toggled off, expands video sharing features, and enables preloading for unreleased digital games, among other things.

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