Sony Leaning on PS4 to Boost Profits

Sony is aiming to increase sales in its videogame division by 25 percent over the next three years, with plans bring it to “as much as 1.6 trillion yen ($13.6 billion.)” According to Reuters (via gamesindustry), Sony executives discussed the need to increase margins as opposed to market share at its investors’ conference recently.

The company intends to cut back on its TV and mobile phone products in order to save costs, instead looking to its PlayStation 4 and image sensor products to generate a surge in revenue over the next three years. Sony said that this would be helped by users purchasing personalized TV, video and music distribution services.

Recently-appointed chief of Sony’s mobile division Hiroki Totoki said, “We’re not aiming for size or market share but better profits.”

The PlayStation 4 was released over a year ago and has shipped more than 13.5 million systems worldwide since launch. In the US, PS4 hardware sales have generated more revenue for Sony than any other new platform. The company suffered a reported loss of $806 million last quarter, which was better than investors feared.

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